Arkanoid Games from Blocks to Castles

Arkanoid games come in all sorts of different themes. The original game was an arcade action game with strategy and puzzle elements included.

Later Arkanoid style games built on the original and added features such as the ability to save your game at checkpoints (generally every 5 to 10 levels), interesting new (and often times downright bizarre!) power-ups, quest modes of play, and even level editors so you can change existing levels or design entirely new levels to play.

Beyond those enhancements, you will find some absolutely amazing innovations in modern Arkanoid remakes. Games that use 3D graphics to create themed worlds for you to play in. And not simply static blocks but actual people and aliens and animals moving around the screen. Complex architecture featuring spaceships, castles, and even giant fish.

Classic Arkanoid Games

These games feature much improved graphics, sounds and music but, at their core, they are the most true to the original Arkanoid.

I'm recommending two of these classic style games for you to check out.

The first is called Super DX-Ball. Super DX Ball contains classic boards (levels that look very similiar to the original Arkanoid levels) plus it adds more complex boards. Not necessarily more complex in terms of difficulty, rather they are visually more complex. For instance, a board may feature a giant fish or a castle. And you get to destroy these objects!

The second is called Ball Attack. This game features levels designed very much like the original Arkanoid but it adds excellent explosions and other elements to bring the game "up to date".

"Way Out There" Arkanoid Games

These games have taken great liberties with the original design in an attempt to build a game that retains the Arkanoid style of easy game-play but at the same time adds so much audio-video dazzle and story elements that the Arkanoid connection can sometimes be hard to see at first glance.

Like the classic games, I'm recommending two of these "Way Out There" games for you to check out.

The first is called FizzBall. FizzBall is really "out there". It takes the original Arkanoid concept and throws in a rescue animals scene, completely changes the look of the levels and adds a bubble element. You may find you really like it or you may just think "what in heck were they thinking?!"

The second is called Magic Ball 3. As you can see, this is version 3. Magic Ball was so popular, the programmers created Magic Ball 2. Magic Ball 2 was even more popular than the original, so now they've brought us Magic Ball 3! This game retains the original game-play but "WOW!" they have taken the levels to a completely new level. The levels are actually scenes now. For example, a castle area, a Wild West campsite, and more! Again, you might think they've gone too far but that is why I listed these last two games in the "Way Out There" section.

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