Bubble Bobble Quest 2003

Bubble Bobble Quest (BBQ – just remember when I use this acronym I am not talking about cooking!) is a remake of the orginal Bubble Bobble arcade game. Like the original Bubble Bobble, BBQ is an action puzzle game featuring two little dinosaurs who blow bubbles to capture and then pop their enemies.

Terminal Studio released the final version of the game for the PC in early 2003.

Bubble Bobble Quest Game-Play

Terminal Studio did a good job in reproducing the original Bubble Bobble game while adding new elements to the game-play.

Each stage consists of the same platforms as the original although the color and design of the levels seem different. They've also reproduced the catchy theme tune from the original game.

You move your dino across the platforms, jumping up to higher levels and dropping to lower levels as needed. Your goal is to completely clear all enemies from each stage. You accomplish this by blowing bubbles at your enemies trapping them inside! Then you simply jump on, or walk into, the bubble to burst it and eliminate the enemy. There are several different objects laying around on the platforms such as popsicles and other candies. Picking up these goodies earns you extra points.

One area where Terminal Studio has really put some extra work in is with the powerups. You will find many different magical items to help you on your quest. Elixirs, amulets and magic boots come in three types with each type being a different color.

The White Elixir lets you blow bubble faster. The Green Elixir increases the movement speed of your bubbles. The Red Elixir increases the range of your bubbles.

The Amulets give you extra points while performing “normal” actions. Yellow gives 100 points each time you jump. Blue gives you 10 points per jump. Red gives you 100 points each time you blow a bubble.

The Magic Books are very powerful! The Green book gives you all Elixirs. The Blue book gives you all Amulets. The Red Magic Book gives you all Amulets and all Elixirs.

There are many other magical items. For example, boots increase your movement speed. The Heart gives you one extra life and the Bomb turns all enemies into diamonds you can pick up for extra points.

I think Terminal Studio has done a fair job with this game. Certainly, its something you can use to entertain yourself for 30 minutes. You can download the free version of Bubble Bobble Quest.

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