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Bubble Bobble (BB) is a fun coin-op platform game originally released in 1986 by Taito. It was ported to home computers and videogame systems in the following years. The game featured a 1-player or a 2-player cooperative mode. Each human player controls one of two baby dinosaurs who go by the names of Bub and Bob.

I remember first playing this game on my C64 computer and immediately noticing how catchy the music was. If you have played BB you will know what I mean. The tune was one that you sometimes found yourself whistling even while away from the game. Graphically, the game was quite appealing with bright, colorful images and "fun" animation.

Bubble Bobble Game-Play

As with all great games, this one was easy to play but hard to master.

The playfield is a simple platform structure. You moved Bub (or Bob) across the platforms, jumping up to higher levels and dropping to lower levels as needed.

Your goal was to completely clear all enemies from each stage. You accomplish this by blowing bubbles at your enemies trapping them inside! Then you simply jump on the bubble to burst it and eliminate the enemy.

There are many different objects laying around on the platforms such as popsicles and other candies. Picking up these goodies earns you extra points.

The game also includes several different power-ups only they are called "bonuses" here. For example, some bonuses make you move faster and another kind might give you an extra life.

As I recall, letters also appear and getting all the letters spells a word (I think the word is "next"). When you spell the entire word you automatically cleared that stage.

Bubble Bobble Inspirations

As with all great games (feels like Deja Vu, right?), this one has served as the inspiration of many BB clones.

Some of the better games I have seen are Bubble Bobble Nostalgie and TNA.

If you have never played a Bubble Bobble game I highly recommend playing one right now! =)

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