Mahjong Games for Everyone

Traditional Mahjong games are generally played with a set of 144 tiles. However, cards featuring the same symbols can be substituted for the tiles. The exact number of tiles can vary depending on the variation of the game you are playing.

Now, you can find variations of the game from Asia, Japan, and even America. The majority of Mahjong tiles are of a rank and a suit such as the Circle Suit and the Bamboo Suit.

The game was invented in China although there is considerable debate as to what year. Some people believe the game was created thousands of years ago and others believe the invention date could be as recent as 1850.

Variations of Mahjong

As mentioned above, there are many variations of the game. Generally speaking, they all play the same but feature a few differences in the scoring methods.

Here are some of the variations you may come across: Western Classical, Chinese Classical, American, Hong Kong, and Sichuan.

As far as software is concerned, you will find many twists available to make the game more interesting to people who are not thrilled with the original game.

For example, some pc versions of the game feature quests, pictures to be revealed, and other goals beyond the traditional objective of the game.

Mahjong Game-Play

Playing the game is similiar to playing Gin Rummy. The object is to build "sets" of tiles of the same suit or within a sequence. The actual arrangement of tiles is called a "layout".

Software versions of the game bring music, sounds, graphics, and animation to the table. These games may use the traditional tiles but often they add completely new tile sets that have been created just for that game.

Of course, you can also find enhancements such as story lines and animated tiles.

If you already enjoy playing the games, or if you have heard of the game but never tried it, I recommend that you check out Mahjong Towers Eternity and Venice Mystery Mahjong Game.

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