Puzzle Bobble and Bust-a-Move

Puzzle Bobble is a very fun action puzzle game featuring a return of the two main characters from Bubble Bobble.

Taito released the game as a coin-op in 1994 in Japan and followed it with a US release of the game under the name Bust-A-Move. It was ported to home computers and videogame systems in the following years.

I remember the first time I played this game I wasn't really expecting much but the game was so addicting and fun. Graphically, like Bubble Bobble, thise game has bright, colorful images and "fun" animation. For example, as you rotate the bubble launcher one of the dinos cranks a wheel and the other dino handles the firing of the bubbles.

Puzzle Bobble Game-Play

By now you should know the "recipe" for a great game, right? The game should be simple (as in easy to learn and play) but difficult to master (meaning winning the entire game). This game has those qualities in abundance.

This time our two dino buddies have returned with a bubble launcher. You control Bub at Bob who aim & fire the launcher located at the bottom of the playfield. Controls are very simple. You can rotate the launcher counterclockwise (left) and clockwise (right) and you can fire a bubble.

When a "level" begins the playfield contains many colored bubbles near the top of the screen. The bubbles "lock" to each other so you don't actually see them floating around and behind each other. ;)

Your objective is to fire colored bubbles in an attempt to make matches (of three or more same-color bubbles). Each time you match three or more bubbles all bubbles that are locked (touching each other) of the same color as the bubble you shot are removed from the playfield. In addition, any bubbles (even of a different color) that are "hanging" attached beneath those bubbles are also removed.

Your goal is to clear the playing field of bubbles so you can move on to the next (harder) level. Bubbles that you shoot will lock on to other bubbles even if they are not the same color. If the bubbles reach the bottom of the playfield you lose the game.

You do not have an unlimited amount of time to clear the level. After a certain amount of time has passed a wall starts pushing all bubbles down the screen making it increasingly harder to clear the level.

Puzzle Bobble Inspirations

As with all great games, this one has served as the inspiration of many Puzzle Bobble clones. I found a good version of the game for you to try. The name of this game is Aqua Bubble. You won't find the dinosaurs Bub and Bob and now you will be using your mouse to play. Moving the mouse rotates your bubble launcher and clicking the left mouse button launches a bubble. Go ahead, download this Puzzle Bobble clone now.

If you have never played Puzzle Bobble I highly recommend that you check it out now! We'll see if you find it as addicting as I do. I still think the original game is the best version I have played.

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