A Word Puzzle Challenges Your Mind

Word Puzzles may sound boring to some people but I think they are missing out on some of the most challenging and entertaining games around.

These games test your mind challenging you to create or find words "hidden" inside a large number of individual letters. However, the implementation of these games can range from simple games you can duplicate with a pen and paper to fancy games with superb graphics, animation, music and sound.

Types of Word Puzzle Games

In my opinion, there are 5 categories of Word Puzzles: Word Search Games, Crossword Puzzles, Word Scramble Games, Hangman Games, and Sliding Puzzle Games.

Yes, I realize there are other games that might not perfectly fit into one of those five categories. My point here is that the majority of puzzle games will!

Word Puzzle Game-Play

One thing all of these games have in common is that you are searching for or "creating" words. But that is only the very basic view of word puzzles! Each type (category) offers a different way to accomplish this task. Think of these as different types of puzzles to solve.

Word Search Games normally display a grid filled with letters and a list of words you are to find. You may already be familiar with these as they really are a computerized version of word search books.

Crossword Puzzles also display a grid but in this case not all squares in the grid are a part of the puzzle. You are presented with questions or clues for each of the horizontal and vertical words you need to fill in. These games can be great exercises to test your knowledge of specific subjects. Again, you may be familiar with crossword puzzle books or the puzzles often found in newspapers.

Word Scramble Games display a bunch of "loose" letters and it is up to you to arrange these individual letters into real words. Often a timer is used to increase the challenge of these games.

Hangman Games display a hanging post and several "blank" letter-holders that make up the word you are to figure out. You must guess letters and if the letter you guessed is in the word those letters will be filled in at the appropriate spot(s). Each time you make a bad guess a part of a human figure is added below the hanging post. If you get the whole human figure below the hanging post you lose the game. If you guess all the letters you have solved the puzzle.

Sliding Puzzle Games present a square that contains a grid. Each cell in the grid will contain a letter except for one cell that is empty. You slide the letters around by moving them one at a time into the empty cell with the goal being to correctly position all the letters to form the target words. Once you have done this you have solved the puzzle.

There are so many twists to each category of games that I think you could play 10 games in each category and each would feel like a completely different game.

For example, I have seen a word scramble game that has you "creating" spells to fight a dragon! Many of these games also allow competitive play against the computer or with one or more friends.

Often they have timer modes to increase the challenge by giving you only a certain amount of time to solve the puzzle.

Go ahead and challenge your mind and play some word puzzles today!

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